10 Easy Tips To Improve Sleep Quality

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improve sleep qualitySleep quality is usually influenced by the surroundings. As for the temperature, within the range of 15 – 24 centigrade, sleepers are easy to fall asleep. In cold days, you should open the window for air circulation to let the smoking or other polluted air out, which affects sleep quality. Latest research found that air environment rich in negative ions is good for sleep. Negative ions can adjust the nerves autonomic system of brain and help the cerebral cortex.. It also helps in relieving insomnia.

Take a shower or get a 20 minutes aerobic exercise before prepare going to sleep. In this case, about half hour later when the body temperature goes down, get on the bed and you will have a good sleep. Some people consume a lot of coffee, chocolate, cola or tea before bedtime and they don’t experience any discomfort subjectively. But studies confirm the negative influence on deep sleep of people who consume coffee, chocolate, etc. Although alcohol has a function to help sleep, it will release a natural stimulant to disturb sleep midnight. On the other hand, many people think they get used to the noise after they are exposed to noisy environment for long. The truth is due to long-term exposure to the noise, deep sleep of sleepers will decrease. Therefore, it’s very important to get a quiet sleep environment.

Here are 10 tips that are very easy to follow to improve sleep quality.

1. Maintain a regular routine going and don’t sleep late on weekends. If you sleep late on Saturday and get up late on Sunday, you may get insomnia in Sunday evening.

2. Don’t take in too much before bedtime. Eat small amount of food about two hours before sleep and don’t drink too much to reduce the need to go to the bathroom during the night. Avoid spicy food or food rich in grease that also influences your sleep.

3. Stay away from alcohol and coffee before bedtime. It’s suggested to avoid coffee eight hours before sleep.

4. Plan your exercise time. The afternoon is the best time of the whole day to get exercise to help sleep. And the regular exercise can improve sleep quality at night.

5. Keep your bedroom cool. A cool sleep environment helps sleep instead of a hot one.

6. Don’t sleep a lot in the day. Daytime naps steal hours from nighttime slumber. Sleep during the day should be limited within one hour and sleepers should avoid sleep after 3 pm in daytime.

7. Keep quiet. Turn off TV and radio because the quiet bedroom has positive effect on sleep.

8. A comfortable bed. A comfortable bed is offering you a cozy sleeping space and the bed needs to be big enough for you.

9. Take a shower prior to sleeping. Taking a hot bath can help all muscles relaxed.

10. Don’t take sleeping pills. If you really need to take sleeping pills, consult the doctor first.

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