6 Tips Help You Get A Good Sleep

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sleepy babyDon’t bother yourself about the amount of sleep. How long a person should sleep varies from person to person. People of different ages need different amount of sleep. The younger a person is, the more sleep they need. Along with the increase of age, the needed amount of sleep decrease gradually.

Keep a good eating habit. Avoid overeating for dinner or going to bed supperless because your sleep will be influenced negatively in both cases. It conduces to sleep to eat a cup of milk or milk products before bedtime. Try to avoid the beverage whose alcohol content is high including beers and other alcoholic beverages. Although alcohol beverages can promote sleep, they lower the quality of sleep. In addition to that, caffeine-containing beverages such as coffee, tea, colas and chocolate are more stimulatory to brain. So , don’t drink such kind of beverages before go to bed.

Get relaxed. Avoid engaging in stimulating work or entertainment and limit activities requiring a high level of mental involvement. Engage in activities helping get you relaxed, for example, take a hot bath and listen to soft music. That will put you to sleep quickly.

Let your bed be your bed. Don’t let your bed be your office or classroom. Nor lie down on the bed to read books or papers, or talk exciting talk. These behaviors weaken the relation between bed and sleep.

Create a sound sleep environment. The impact of environment on sleep is fairly obvious. Decorate a dim sleep zone with thick curtains or shutters to cut off all outdoor light. If it’s noisy outdoors, shut doors and windows before bed. Besides, comfortable and appropriate bedclothes are favorable to improve sleep quality. Choose pillows in keeping with human body, the mattress with the right firmness, sheets and quilt, to exclude varied factors affecting sleep.

Sleep on the right position. The human heart is titled slightly to the left. That said, avoiding sleep on your left is good for sleeper’s health. When you sleep on your back, don’t put your hands on your hearts or chest, which leads to heart compression and nightmares. For a person in a good condition, the best position is sleep on your right or on your back. That is because it doesn’t squeeze the heart but also help four limbs get relaxed.

Bath your feet in warm water half an hour before sleep. Bathing your feet in warm water can get feet and legs relaxed, ease weariness, maintain good circulation, and conduce to quick sleep. For a person who is suffering from insomnia, bathing feet is an effective way to relieve the problem.

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