Dont Catch Up On Sleep On The Bus Or Metro

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sleep on the busQuite a number of people believe that they should avoid exercise and keep the whole body calm down. They even refuse to do a reasonable amount of exercise. That is because they think they will be excited and can’t fall asleep easily after exercise. You know most people go to work and sit in the chair at computer the whole day. After work they return and continue sitting but they don’t know that makes it not easily to fall sleep at bedtime.

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Experts analyze that before bedtime too much exercise can keep brain alert and excited, which doesn’t help improve sleep quality. But a reasonable amount of exercise encourages the brain to secrete some substances to restrain exhilaration. Aside from that people are inclined to have a deep sleep and feel weariness eased. Appropriate exercise helps form such a positive spin form your health and life benefit. That is beneficial to intellectual workers. They don’t do any exercise after a whole day work and proper exercise before bedtime does good to sleep quality. The study found that doing some exercise before sleep like jogging could raise body temperature. Once you feel perspiring mildly, stop to rest. At this time, the body temperature is going down. When you go to sleep about 30 minutes later, you are inclined to fall deep asleep to get a better sleep quality.

Catch up on sleep on the bus or metro

Some people like to stay up in the night because the distance between office and home is quite long and they think they can catch up on sleep on the bus or train. At the first second getting on the bus, they catch some shut eye during the journey. In their mind, replacing lost shut eye doesn’t affect work efficiency nor shorten sleep.

Human sleep has two phases including “nonrapid eye movement sleep” and “rapid eye movement sleep”. The first phase consists of two processes, light sleep and deep sleep. These two processes cycle several times during your sleep. Only after you experience a few cycles, the fatigue could be eliminated. But when you sleep on the bus or metro, your sleep is easily to be affected by varied factors, the motion of the bus, the stimulation of the light, noise, narrow space, etc. In such conditions, it’s not easy to enter process two and you get more sleep in process one. The light sleep doesn’t offer sufficient restoration for your need. Having a nap on the bus does little good to you and may gets you sick. Sleeping on the bus could make you get a cold easily. That is because the doors’ open or close, and other factors produce temperature difference. It raises the possibility of getting a cold.

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