DynastyMattress Celebrity 13-inch Memory Foam Mattress Review

DynastyMattress Celebrity 13-inch Memory Foam Mattress Review, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating
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DynastyMattress Celebrity 13-inch memory foam mattress is a great choice for people who want a Tempurpedic Celebrity but have a limited budget. It’s an awesome knock-off as owners mentioned. It provides the same comfort and support for sleepers. And it uses the high density memory foam that helps the back pain sufferers to get a sound sleep. The mattress offers comparable sleeping experience but sells at an incomparable price. It’s only 1/6 the price of the name brand. If you are considering the name brand bed, you should look at this one first.

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Features of DynastyMattress Celebrity 13-inch memory foam mattress

It’s a great knock-off of Tempurpedic Celebrity and is that true?

Many Dynasty mattresses are manufactured based on Tempurpedic beds. DynastyMattress Celebrity 13-inch memory foam mattress is a quality knock-off of the Tempurpedic Celebrity. Quite a few owners of this mattress review they can’t tell the difference between two beds indeed, especially the support and comfort. If you aren’t sure how it feels, go to the Tempurpedic store to test drive the Celebrity mattress.

How does it help bad back?

I always recommend high density memory foam mattresses to persons who have back or neck pain. Due to 5lb memory foam, DynastyMattress Celebrity 13-inch mattress is also a better solution to bad neck, shoulder or back. It has 5.5-inch memory foam that enables your body to sink deeper into the bed. Then the foam conforms to your body curve. This mattress is more on the soft side and provides sufficient support for hip, back and neck.

Does it have an affordable price?

Although the difference of comfort of two beds is not obvious, the price gap between them is huge. The Tempurpedic Celebrity is over $3000, while the DynastyMattress Celebrity 13-inch mattress queen size is less than 1/6 that price, which is a great deal for this style and caliber of mattress. If you want to buy a Tempurpedic Celebrity but have a limited budget, DynastyMattress Celebrity is the best choice. The manufacturer is offering free shipping.

How long will it last?

Hundreds of customers bought DynastyMattress Celebrity 13-inch mattress and no one complained the durability of this mattress. Besides that, it includes a 20 year warranty and if you have problems with it, you can ask for a repair or replacement.

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Issues of DynastyMattress Celebrity 13-inch memory foam mattress

The smell: Many users leave their reviews about the odor. In my opinion, the odor isn’t an issue. All memory foam mattresses have the smell when you first open it including Tempurpedic. Generally, the smell dissipates in a few weeks. Then it isn’t noticeable.

Heat retention: If you did some research on memory foam mattress, you may worry about the heat retention issue for this bed. According to all owner reviews, No one mentioned it had hot issue. And some owners commented that it was a cool mattress and didn’t trap any heat.

Customer Reviews:

  • “I could just not bring myself to spend thousands of dollars on a mattress. I am very glad I didn’t.”
  • “Update: March 2010 – still sleeping well on this mattress; still 100% happy with it.
  • Update: January 2012 – still sleeping well on this mattress; still 100% happy with it.”

DynastyMattress Celebrity 13-inch memory foam mattress is a thick bed. 13-inch thickness is good for people who weigh above the average. 6-inch 5lb density comfort layer make the bed offer enough support that big guys need. It is also a good option for people who prefer a soft bed. It has a reasonable price and high density foam. If you want a cheap bed with good thickness, this is the one for you.

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  • Available bed sizes: King, Queen, Full, Cal King
  • Memory foam Density: 5.3lb
  • Thickness: 13-inch
  • 6-inch memory foam
  • 7-inch base foam

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6 Responses to “DynastyMattress Celebrity 13-inch Memory Foam Mattress Review”

  1. Emile says:

    Do I need a box spring underneath?

  2. Askformore says:

    My husband is big and 320 lb. But I’m worried it will sink into the bed like a ship. Will this mattress support hime?

    • admin says:

      This mattress is good enough but I recommend 14 inches or more. If you’re afraid of bottoming out, look for mattresses that have relatively thicker support .

  3. Hermosa Michael says:

    Will the mattress cradle and not overly firm?

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