LINENSPA 10 Inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress Review

LINENSPA 10 Inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress Review, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating
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LINENSPA 10 Inch Gel memory foamLINENSPA 10 inch gel memory foam mattress consists of dual layers, 3.5 inch gel foam and 6.5 inch foam support base. It’s difficult to find out 10 inch foam mattress featuring gel foam. The great thing is it’s using 3.5 inch thick gel foam on top. Even a 14 inch gel foam mattress doesn’t have that thick gel top layer. Thicker gel foam could help reduce more heat retention on the bed. Actually LinenSpa isn’t a new brand and it manufactured mattress for LUCID that sold hundreds of thousands of memory foam mattress on the internet. Their products have been proven by lots of customers so we believe they’re a reliable brand manufacturing reliable mattress. Now LINENSPA produces mattress of its own brand. They offer 30-days trial for free return and 25 years warranty to give us the peace of mind. Along with the low price, it really deserves a try.

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LINENSPA 10 inch gel memory foam mattress features

Firm mattress?

When LinenSpa is manufacturing this mattress, they defined it a medium firm comfort scale, not too soft or firm, comfortable for most people. However, some people reviewed it was too soft and they bottomed out on the base, while some told it was firmer. Actually conflict experience has something to do with weight. Over weight persons are very likely to sink deep into the mattress and get no support at all. A 10 inch memory foam mattress is good enough to provide support and comfort for people less than 200 lb. For people who more than 200 lb, 12 inch or more has the ability to hold up their sizes. If you’re a big build, LINENSPA 10 gel mattress will have no problem supporting you.

Does the gel foam work?

There is no doubt that 3.5 inch gel foam helps solve the common issue, heat retention. Thick gel foam makes LINENSPA 10 inch mattress breathe smoothly and air exchange easily. That prevents body heat from accumulating underneath your body. But gel foam isn’t the ultimate solution to eliminate the issue completely. That’s why some people still complained getting hot while most feels good. So if you’re a hot natured person and still have the problem on gel foam mattress, you can add a pad and it works very well.

Excellent alternative for your old mattress

If you sleep on spring mattress for many years and haven’t ever tried memory foam, LINENSPA 10 Inch gel memory foam mattress is an excellent alternative. First, it has a very cheap price and this 10 inch is around $300, a fraction of cost of name brand. Because not all people are able to get used to memory foam, even if you don’t like it and regret you can leave it in your guest bedroom and still have enough budget to buy another new mattress. Additionally, LinenSpa optimized the firmness and tried to make it be comfortable for anyone. Most gel foam mattresses feel a little bit firmer than regular version so LinenSpa adjusted the firmness to medium. So if you don’t prefer too soft or firm mattress, LINENSPA 10 Inch gel foam will be the right one for you.

What the warranty covers

LINENSPA is offering 25 year limited warranty from the date of the purchase. The warranty covers defects in materials or workmanship. But it doesn’t cover what you think it does. Memory foam on the top gets softer over the time and normal increase in softness isn’t included in the coverage, unless an indentation is developed greater than 1.5 inches. Using with an adjustable bed or wooden base will invalid the warranty. LINENSPA recommends customers to use a platform foundation. It also has a special term for return that customers is responsible for return shipping on open box mattresses.

Free return within 30 days

The brand is very confident. All Linenspa products are eligible for 30 day free trial on official website and Amazon. We buyers have no risk in buying and using their products during free return period. You can return it for any reason without any question asked. The best part is the shipping isn’t on buyers. You may not know that many companies that also have the same or more length of free return but they require buyers pay shipping.

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No removable cover

It doesn’t have a removable cover. It’s also not washable and waterproof. The cover and the mattress are one piece, so you need to buy an extra cover or protector to keep it from liquid, stains, etc.

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  1. Andrew Straus says:

    Is 10-inch comfortable enough or should I get 12-inch or more?

  2. J. Welch says:

    Does it has springs, or is it all foam?

  3. Heather King says:

    Does it comes rolled up or flat upon delivery?

  4. Judith says:

    Is this flame retardant free?

  5. Justin says:

    Can I put the mattress on box springs?

  6. Nicholas S. says:

    I’m going buy this mattress for my toddler and you know kids love jumping on the bed. Can he bounce on it?

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