Olee Sleep 10 Inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress

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olee sleep 10 inch gelOlee Sleep 10 inch gel memory foam mattress isn’t a great product but not ad either. Exactly, it’s a just-fine mattress. Why? Look at the price tag. It’s not a magic or something that offers luxurious comfort and support making you feel like sleeping on a cloud. It’s just a mattress that let you lay down and sleep. This mattress is given a nickname, Aquarius. 10” Aquarius has nothing special, very common gel memory foam and HD foam support. If you’d like to pick one less common from all its common features, it would be the price. It’s really cheap and no one’s bank would break when they buy this mattress. It’s not high end and expensive. This Olee Sleep 10 doesn’t have beautiful specifications like 5.3 lb density memory foam. It’s just a mattress. That’s it.

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Olee Sleep 10 inch gel memory foam mattress features

Firmness rating 6 or 7

On the scale of 1 to 10, 10 being firmest or hardest, Olee Sleep 10 inch gel memory foam mattress is 6 or 7. It’s a bit on the firm side, medium to firm exactly. What does the rating mean? The mattress lets you sink in a little bit when you lay down and gives you solid support after you land on. You will feel a bit cushy or soft but mostly very firm and supportive. 5-7 firmness rating is suitable for most people as it conforms to your body shape gently distributing your weight evenly over the whole mattress. It’s also a side sleeper friendly firmness. The mattress offers needed sinking depth and great support to remove pressure points on shoulders, arms and hips.

Remove movement

The relatively cushy top layer of this Olee Sleep 10 inch mattress is like a sponge and absorbs all pressure and movements it receives. It’s an extraordinary feature for light sleeping couples who easily disturbed by little noise and motion. The movements and noise will be reduced to the least. The mattress absorbs all movements you make when you toss and turn or get out of the bed. Your partner doesn’t feel you moving at all. I have to say it’s not a unique or better feature of Olee Sleep 10-inch. It’s an advantage of all memory foam.


Excellent conforming experience and little motion transfer are biggest features of memory foam mattress, while heat retention is the biggest flaw. Olee Sleep adds gel beads to memory foam to fight against it. It works very well for many owners and makes the mattress no difference from a regular bed. But Gel infusion accelerates heat transfer but doesn’t improve breathability. So it’s not a solution for all. That’s why some sleepers still suffer from night sweaty on this mattress. It’s a common disadvantage of memory foam. If you are sleeping hot, get an extra cool mattress pad and it helps a lot.

10 year limited manufacturer warranty

Olee Sleep doesn’t provide any free trial at the time of this writing but if you buy it from online stores like Amazon, you will have free return opportunity provided by them. Amazon offer 30 day free return for their customers. Olee Sleep mattresses have a 10 year limited manufacturer warranty. Their warranty terms are very few and short. The warranty only tells Olee Sleep will take responsibility for issues when the mattress is under normal use. No other special requirements.

Why it’s so cheap

The number of Olee Sleep mattress owners is growing big and the only reason that makes them pull the trigger is the unbeatable price. They’re so cheap because they’re made in China, which means Olee Sleep has lower labor and material cost. Besides that, Olee Sleep is a very small brand they hardly advertise their products so they don’t need to add marketing cost to the price. And they only sell mattresses and bed frames on the internet.

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Olee Sleep 10 inch gel memory foam mattress downsides

Being made in China could be a disadvantage too. Their less strict quality control makes buying China made mattress a gamble. You may receive a quality mattress that lasts forever but may also get a defective one with two never expanded corners. The mattress may break in a few months, or feel softer or firmer than the one you bought two weeks ago, or come with a strong smell that lingers a week. It sounds horrible, right? It’s just a matter of ratio. Defects are always minority. You just need to buy from trustworthy sources like Amazon, Walmart, etc.

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  1. T. Kiene says:

    I’m 110 lbs, is the mattress too firm for me?

    • William says:

      Maybe a little, but the mattress is a matter of individual preference. Olee Sleep 10 inch gel foam is medium to firm so it will catch your body impression but not deep.

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