Olee Sleep 13 Inch Box Top Hybrid Gel Memory Foam Innerspring Mattress 13SM01Q

Olee Sleep 13 Inch Box Top Hybrid Gel Memory Foam Innerspring Mattress 13SM01Q, 4.5 out of 5 based on 4 ratings
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olee sleep 13-inch memory foam innerspringIf it’s the first time that you find Olee Sleep mattress, you must be amazed by the price. The brand gives all their mattresses an unbeatable price. Can you imagine buying a 13-inch mattress for less than $300? Olee Sleep 13 Inch Box Top Hybrid Gel Infused Memory Foam Innerspring Mattress isn’t an all foam or all spring mattress but a hybrid mattress of mixture of two materials. 5.5-inch poly foam, memory foam and gel foam sit on top of 7.5-inch innerspring coils. Olee Sleep is a new and small brand, just entered to the market two years ago. But this mattress receives a lot of customer rave reviews, owner satisfaction coming to 88%. When you are gonna try your first memory foam mattress, this Olee Sleep 13-inch would be an excellent and economical start. At the price, you don’t lose anything. Lets look deeply into it.

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Olee Sleep 13 Inch Hybrid Gel Memory Foam Innerspring Mattress Features

Multiple layers design

The best feature of Olee Sleep 13-inch hybrid foam innerspring mattress is the multiple layer design, which makes it versatile. Upper 5.5 inches is divided into 4 layers including gel foam keeping an appropriate temperature on the bed, plush memory foam conforming to your body shape, poly foam disperse your weight over the whole mattress and ventilation fabric and fiber. Such combination of several layers offer cooling comfort and therapeutic pressure relief. All layers have different firmness and it increases from top to bottom. That enables the mattress to accommodate different types of builds and meet different needs of sleep positions. Whether you’re 150lbs or 250lbs, sleeping on your back, side or stomach you will a find comfortable position.

Gel foam may work

As the most effective method to remove heat retention, gel foam delivers body heat to somewhere else very quickly and keeps heat trapping underneath your body. It does work for most people and solves their sleeping hot problem on memory foam mattress. But there are still some people suffering from the issue even if the mattress is featuring gel foam. Some owners of Olee Sleep 13-inch mattress have the similar experience and they report gel foam doesn’t work as described. If you’re hot nature, you may have the problem too. But that’s not the end of the world. A cooling mattress pad could solve it.

Quiet bed

Although the hybrid mattress has a thick innerspring layer at the bottom, it’s still very quiet and doesn’t make any noise. That’s because it has several foam layers absorbing body pressure so no pressure transfer to the springs. Other than that, the coils under foams are heat tampered making them firm and solid. The spring offers enough bounce for romance time and the foam takes all movements and pressure and leaves you a undisturbed quiet sleep.

Why it’s so cheap

The price is Olee Sleep’s killing feature, which also make the 13-inch gel memory foam innerspring mattress super competitive. It doesn’t look cheap but very cheap. Get a 13-inch mattress at a price under $300. That’s unbeatable and awesome. With $300 you can’t even afford a sheet at stores. Why they’re so cheap? Is the quality too bad to last a year? The primary reason making it so cheap is it’s truly factory direct and China made. The material is tested by Certipur-US and it’s not inferior to other brands within the same price range.


It’s a mattress on the first side, not medium or soft. 7 is the accurate rating to describe the firmness, from 1 to 10 one is soft and 10 is firm. You may sink a little into the mattress but quickly stop and get supported. Due to the gel foam, the firmness rating probably increases to 8 in the colder days. Lightweight persons tend to feel too firm as their weight is too light to press the foam. And some owners have reported the issue. But it’s not a deal breaker. A soft topper could save you and the mattress.

Imported from China

Do you mind if the product is made in China? If yes, then you should skip the mattress. It’s imported from China. Olee Sleep is a brand created by Grantec, a mattress manufacturer owned by Korean and located in China. They are selling Olee Sleep mattresses themselves, no middleman or distributors between the factory and customers. Many US brands on the market are just sellers and they don’t manufacture anything. That’s why mattresses imported from China have difference in price.

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Olee Sleep 13 Inch Box Top Gel Infused Foam Coils Mattress Drawbacks

Too Heavy

This mattress is over 100 pounds and it’s too heavy to move or lift anywhere. It would be more difficult when it expands to its full shape. That will make it heavy and bulky to set up. The issue arises many customer complaints. It’s recommended to have some friends to help you instead of doing it alone.

Strong chemical odor

Due to vacuum compact compress, the mattress comes with strong odor when you unroll and unwrap it. If you have a sensitive nose, it could be a big problem. However, it’s a common issue in memory foam mattress industry. Let it air out for a few days and wait the odor be gone.

Return policy

Like other brands, Olee Sleep provides 30 day free trial. That means you can change your mind whether keep it or not. During free trial period, you can return the mattress free and get all your money back. You don’t need to pay shipping as customer service will give you a pre-paid UPS label. Please note some brands need you to pay shipping or something even within 30 day free trial.

10 year limited Warranty

Olee Sleep 13-inch gel foam innerspring mattress is given a 10 year limited warranty covering product damage and workmanship defects. Within the coverage period, customers should pay shipping or handling cost. As for mattress sagging issue, Olee Sleep doesn’t state how deep the warranty covers. Competitors within the price range have a warranty only covering sag greater than 1.5 inches.

Inspect mattress height

Poor quality control is a common issue among mattresses imported from China. This mattress is also suffering from it. Poor quality control causes some lemons or defective products. One of most complained issues is the mattress never expanded to its full size or shape. For example, some owners reported their 13-inch Olee Sleep mattress was only 10-inch or so. Please inspect the measurements after you set it up.

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