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signature sleep vs zinusSignature Sleep is one of most successful mattress brands on the internet. Its 8-inch independent coil with foam received more than eight thousand reviews and 12-inch memory foam earned over six thousand. The sales they got greatly outnumbers the total amount of some brands. Zinus is also a very successful brand targeting economical mattress market. Zinus memory foam mattresses, spring mattress, and bed frames are best sellers in their categories. When it comes to cheap mattresses, both Signature Sleep and Zinus are brands worth buying as they have several comfortable but cheap models. This post is to help people who got a difficulty in choosing from these two and analyze two brands’ differences and features.

Signature Sleep vs Zinus similarities

Imported from China

Both brands are made in China. Signature Sleep and Zinus manufacture their mattresses in China. Like most mattress brands out there, they import products from China to take advantage of low cost because materials and worker salaries are very cheap in China. They can sell mattresses as cheap as possible at as low as possible cost. It’s why their mattresses are unbelievably cheap.

Basic memory foam features

Memory foam mattress is primary product of Signature Sleep and Zinus. Products of both brands don’t have any difference in basic functions. They limit motion transfer to nearly zero. You will have an undisturbed sleep all night on both mattresses even if your significant the other gets out of the bed several times at night. Besides, due to memory foam favorable characteristics, Signature Sleep and Zinus are doing very well in conforming to sleeper body and relieving pressure points of hips, shoulders, lower back and somewhere else. If you experience back pain, both mattresses could improve it.

Certipur-US certified

Certipur-US is an independent testing program in mattress industry. Nearly all memory foam mattresses under $1000 have the certification. It proves memory foam the tested mattress is using is free of PBDEs, TDCPP or TCEP (“Tris”) flame retardants, ozone depleters, mercury, formaldehyde, lead and heavy metals.

Zinus VS Signature Sleep Differences

Who is standing behind the brand

Signature Sleep is a brand under Dorel Industries, which is known for Dorel Home Products (DHP). But DHP doesn’t produce any Signature Sleep mattresses. XILINMEN FURNITURE does and exports to DHP. XILINMEN FURNITURE CO LTD is a giant mattress manufacturer in China and also a public company listed in China A share stock market. It has several successful product lines ranking top of best sellers in China domestic market.

Zinus is a brand owned by Korean. Their factory located in Fujian of southeast China. All Zinus mattresses are made in China and exported to US. They also manufacture mattresses for several big brands like Sealy. Recent years, they use the brand Zinus selling their own mattresses.

That being said, Zinus is a factory direct brand and Signature Sleep is a brand owned by DHP manufactured by XILINMEN. That may explain why Signature Sleep mattress cost a little bit more than Zinus even if both are China-made.

Gel infused foam

Both brands have gel infused foam mattresses, Zinus gel infused green tea memory foam mattress and Signature Sleep Black Collection such as Aura 12-inch and Justice 14-inch. The biggest difference between two brands in gel foam mattress is price. Signature Sleep gel foam versions are two times more than Zinus.

Layers and construction

Signature Sleep tends to use dual or three layers to make mattresses but Zinus tends to use more layers. Signature Sleep 12 inch memory foam mattress is made with 3.5-inch memory foam layer with a 8.5-inch poly foam layer. The primary difference between dual layers and multiple layers is the versatility. Multiple layers have firmness gradual increase among all layers, which makes it accommodate people of different sizes and sleep positions. Dual layer construction only features two firmness settings, being soft on top and being very firm on bottom. More people tend to feel too soft or too firm on dual layer version.


Compared all mattresses of Zinus and Signature Sleep, there is a price gap between two brands. Although both brands are targeting cheap mattress market, Signature Sleep sells more expensive than Zinus. As we discussed above, that’s partly because DHP outsources manufacture of Signature Sleep mattress, while Zinus is selling mattresses produced by themselves.

Warranty comparison

Signature Sleep’s 1 year limited warranty is the shortest warranty I’ve ever seen. The basic situation in mattress industry is most mattresses are given 10-20 years limited warranty. Some companies give 5 year warranty. Zinus offers 10 year warranty service. Comparing two warranties, the only difference is the length. Nearly all terms are the same. Both regulates the warranty covers sagging or body indentation greater than 1.5 inches. And during warranty period, owner is responsible for all cost. That’s nonsense but a basic term in all brands’ warranty.

Free Trial length

Free trial is a fantastic policy for customers. We decide to keep or return the product during the free trial period. If we don’t like it and want to return, we get all money back without paying for shipping back. We lose nothing during the period. Zinus is offering free shipping and 30 day free trial on their official website and Amazon. Signature Sleep doesn’t sell on their site but on Amazon and other online markets. The free trial length is depending on the market.

Everyone has their own opinion. After read this post, you may choose Zinus or Signature for any reason. But for me I’ll vote Zinus because of its lower price and long warranty. At this price range, one isn’t inferior or superior to the other in quality.

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