Ultimate Dreams Eurotop Latex Mattress

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Ultimate Dreams Eurotop Latex Mattress

Ultimate Dreams Eurotop isn’t a latex mattress because generally latex mattress refers to a mattress 100% being made with latex excluding other materials. It’s a latex foam hybrid mattress exactly. This Dreamfoam Bedding Ultimate Dreams bed only has a 3-inch Talalay blended latex in the middle. The eurotop layer is 1.5-inch super soft poly foam (Dreamfoam Bedding customer service tells it’s 1 inch not 1.5 inches) and 8-inch is firm poly foam support base. This mattress isn’t on firm or soft side because the firmness is customizable and you can choose the firmness you feel comfortable. To ensure each owner feeling comfortable, they make the 3-inch latex layer exchangeable and owners can exchange it at a small cost to get the perfect suited firmness. It’s a 100% US-made quality mattress with high satisfaction. The price is also US-made, more expensive than Chinese foam brands.

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Features of Ultimate Dreams Eurotop Latex Mattress

Customizable firmness 

The biggest feature setting Dreamfoam Bedding Ultimate Dreams from other brands around $1000 is the firmness is customizable. After you place an order, their customer service will contact you to determine the firmness of the mattress. You can select from 1 to 10 and the higher you choose the softer it gets. 1 is firmest and 10 is softest. Customization is a better idea in mattress industry as there is no mattress for all. Customers can select an accurate firmness close to personal preference.

Removable latex layer

Under 1.5-inch poly foam eurotop, it’s the 3-inch removable blended latex layer. Such removable layer is designed for exchange in case owners aren’t satisfied with the firmness. Although you can choose the firmness after place the order, you still can’t know how the mattress feels. Dreamfoam Bedding offers an excellent solution by giving an option of exchange. But the exchange isn’t free and it costs $75. Other layers or parts of the mattress aren’t removable.

Made in the USA

In today’s market flooded with Chinese mattresses, Made in the USA is one of essential factors you should take into account when shopping mattress. Being US-made especially 100% made in the USA is like a certificate of high quality and safety. It’s not possible that China or other Asian countries implement the same or higher standards as US. When you buy any product, it won’t go wrong to choose US made products. It also applies to mattress shopping.

Holding heat

The whole Ultimate Dreams eurotop latex mattress only contains polyurethane foam and latex. No cooling technology is used in the bed. But in owner reports, there are very few complaints about sleeping hot issue. Latex is a type of breathable material. However, the latex layer isn’t on the top to contact directly with sleepers and the cooling effect on this mattress is limited. If you’re really hot-natured, you probably feel overheated and get sweaty on this bed.

Warranty details

Dreamfoam Bedding has an average warranty for their mattresses, which means nearly all terms are the same as all other brands on the market. There are a few you need to know. The warranty covers more than 1.5 inches visible indentation but not normal increase of softness. Dreamfoam Bedding points out what a proper bed frame means to their mattresses. Queen, king or bigger size should have a rigid center support with at least 5 legs. If you have wood slats, it’s necessary to have 5 hardwood cross-slats. During the warranty period, customers are responsible for transportation fees.

Free trial 

Dreamfoam bedding is offering 90 day free trial to purchase on their site and in 90 days you can return the mattress anytime for no reason. They will send all your money back and customers have no risk. If you buy through Amazon, it applies to Amazon 30 day free return policy. Generally, awesome Amazon doesn’t charge for return.

Talalay latex soft yet supportive

12″ Ultimate Dreams Eurotop mattress uses the Talalay latex which is softer than the Dunlop. It’s the best of the best sellers in plush mattress category. But that doesn’t mean this bed isn’t supportive. It has 8″ high density foam base to provide enough support for sleeper’s body and help reduce pains and aches. If you want a soft bed without lack of adequate support, Ultimate Dreams Eurotop Latex is the one you are looking for.

Excellent customer service

If you read Ultimate Dreams Eurotop Latex customer reviews, you must notice nearly all owners praise the excellent customer service. Chuck, the name they mention many times, helps them a lot in choosing which firmness of mattress and gives his sincere and unbiased advice.

How about the price

Ultimate Dreams Eurotop Latex isn’t cheap but not expensive (check out the price). The similar mattresses with a 3″ Talalay latex and 8-inch foam base usually cost three times. That said, the price is very reasonable compared to its competitors.

Ultimate Dreams Eurotop Latex Mattress Downside

It’s a high owner satisfaction mattress but has a primary issue needed to be improved. Although it’s much better than those cheaper Chinese foam brands, Ultimate Dreams should improve the quality control. We know their mattresses are made in the USA and meet all US high safety and quality guidelines but some owners still report the mattress is suffering from quality issue. A few break down in a year and some feel too firm or soft even latex layer is exchanged. The consistence, durability and pass rate need to be raised to avoid disappointing customers.

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Mattress details

  • Sized: Twin, Full, Queen, King, California King, Twin XL
  • Talalay latex
  • 2.35 pounds density foam base
  • 12 inches

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19 Responses to “Ultimate Dreams Eurotop Latex Mattress”

  1. Garnet says:

    I’ve owned this eurotop latex for three weeks and have to say it’s too firm for me. I should have chosen memory foam bed instead of latex.

    • admin says:

      Hi Garnet,
      Don’t be upset and it’s not the end of the day. Dreamfoam Mattress is providing customization both before and after the sale for this Eurotop latex by exchanging top layer. Tell their customer service your issue and they’ll figure this out.

  2. Douglas says:

    Do you have any discount coupon or promo code? I’m debating on it but it cost a little more than other brands.

    • admin says:

      Sorry I don’t have coupons. You can check out Amazon coupon page or product page when you’re feel. They change price very often but don’t inform us customers. Keep updated with it and you’ll get surprise.

  3. Violet Bostic says:

    Hi, is it made in US totally? I mean some brands mislead us by saying it’s made in US but actually assemble in US with international components.

  4. Pick says:

    Just a quick question, can we use our air mattress base under our new Ultimate Eurotop Mattress?

  5. Veronica Berman says:

    What box spring goes with this?

  6. Alicia says:

    Does this mattress come with a cover?

    • William says:

      Yes, but I recommend you to get an extra waterproof cover to protect the original one because any stains or pollution on it will make the warranty invalid.

  7. Eric R. says:

    Does it emit unpleasant smell as reviews mention about it?

    • William says:

      It depends. Some mattresses compressed in the box for a long time tend to have a strong smell. Most have a slight odor.

  8. nichelle says:

    I have a box spring bought in 1995 and it’s still in decent shape. Can I use it with Ultimate Dreams?

    • William says:

      Oh, a box spring bought 1995, it’s 22 year old! You maintain it soooo well! I still suggest you getting a new box spring.

  9. Katherine Norris says:

    I just slept on a friends mattress that I like but am very confused about the particular mattress. This is the info I got off the mattress: Brooklyn Bedding Phoenix, Arizona Model ID Ultimate Dreams Latex, Urethane Foam 66%, Latex 34%, Bamboo Cover. Is this a Brooklyn Bedding mattress or a Dreamfoam Bedding mattress? Is the Dreamfoam Bedding mattress made by Brooklyn Bedding? I have been sleeping on a foam mattress that was made for me years ago. I don’t know what kind of foam but I do know it is not Memory foam. I want another foam mattress but I DO NOT want memory foam but I’m very confused about all the different foams. Hopefully you can clear this up for me.

    • William says:

      Hi Katherine, the mattress you mentioned is a hybrid of latex and poly foam. The percent means 34% latex on the top and 66% poly foam support core. You don’t like to memory foam then I recommend you to go for latex mattress like your friend’s mattress you slept. In terms of materials, latex mattress is better than memory foam. It has nearly all advantages of memory foam but its recovery time is shorter and the heat retention is much less. Poly foam is inferior to memory foam because it doesn’t remember sleeper’s body impression and it’s often used as a support core under a memory foam or a latex top layer. According to what you described, it’s a Dreamfoam bedding mattress, Brooklyn Bedding and Dreamfoam Bedding are the same company but two brands. Their quality and service are comparable. I don’t know if it’s made by Brooklyn Bedding but I think mattresses of two brands are manufactured in the same factory.

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