What You Should Look When You Buy Memory Foam Mattress

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memory-foamDue to mature memory foam mattress manufacturing technology, more and more foam mattress brands emerge on the market and one brand usually has several product lines. It’s not an easy job for us who know little about the foam mattress to find an appropriate one. What’s more complicated is each mattress of a product line has different specifications. And that makes the search process harder. If you are going to buy one at local stores, you may need to lie down on various mattresses to feel what the best for you. For people who intend to buy one online, you don’t touch or test drive and will be restless and uneasy even when the mattress arrives. For us being accustom to shopping online, we should do an extensive research. This post is to do research for you and save your time.

Comfort layer and support layer
Memory foam mattresses out there are using multiple layer design. There is no single layer mattress and at least dual layers, a comfort layer and a support base, like Sleep Innovations. Currently, support layer is thicker than comfort layer. Comfort layer is using density over 3lb and support foam base is using very low density foam like 1.75lb. The comfort layer is designed to conform to your body and allow sleeper to sink in the foam to feel like sleeping in the cloud. So thicker soft layer is deeper your body will sink into the foam. Some people like sinking feeling while some others don’t. Choose the right thickness of layers according to your own preference.

I saw some people were cheering when they found the mattress with 20 or 25 year warranty. They thought they can exchange or return the mattress to get refund anytime when they had a problem in using. Many brands limit their warranty only covering manufacturing defects. Before you cheer, go to check what the manufacturer is saying about their warranty.

US or China made
China made mattresses are on the way to occupying the market and US made takes up about 30% market shares. Quite a lot of US brands are importing their mattresses from China or other Asia countries to lower cost. I don’t intend to say China made mattresses aren’t good and on the contrary many China made beds are better. I mean overall US made has restrict quality standard so US made mattresses cost a little more than China made. Some people care whether it’s made in China but some others don’t. If you don’t care, then China made is definitely a great deal.

Density means a lot
When it comes to memory foam mattress, the density is the core specification that decides the overall performance of a bed and most characteristics. The foam density determines how you feel, too hard, too soft or just right. Generally speaking, denser the foam is firmer you feel. If you need a hard support, go for the high density foam or get a low density. Some people on the internet have an opinion that high density is better for backaches sufferer and they think it gives better spine alignment. But not all people get pain relief from high density foam, as far as I know. For example, the petite lady may feel painful instead of comfortable. Whether a mattress is pain relief depends on sleeper’s size. Another important thing density decides is mattress durability. High density foam has longer durability and low density lasts shorter period. The density is an essential factor deciding price. Higher density foam is often sold at high price and low density has cheap price.

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