Classic Brands 10.5-Inch Cool Gel Ventilated Memory Foam Mattress

Classic Brands 10.5-Inch Cool Gel Ventilated Memory Foam Mattress, 3.8 out of 5 based on 10 ratings
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Classic Brands 10.5-Inch Cool Gel Ventilated Memory Foam MattressClassic Brands 10.5-Inch Cool Gel Ventilated memory foam mattress gives us an affordable choice for all-foam mattress. People who never own memory foam mattress and want to have one now could start with this Classic Brands mattress at low cost. This 10.5 inch mattress features 2 inches gel foam on top, double 1 inch air flow layer in center and 6.5 inches support base on the bottom. The top and middle layers provide wrapped-up feeling and support for you and the base supports above layers and your body. As a gel foam mattress, all fantastic features are expected, conforming to your contour, muting motion transfer, etc. With extra gel cooling feature, it helps regulate temperature on surface. Of course, it’s not perfect and coming with a few bothering problems like no support edge.

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Classic Brands 10.5-Inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress Features

Cooling feature

If you have seen other memory foam mattresses, you may find most gel foam mattresses on the market usually include a gel foam layer on top to help dissipate the body heat and some have one in center. However, all layers above support base of Classic Brands gel foam mattress are gel foam. The gel top layer along with air-flow gel middle layer emits heat more effectively than a standard version. Therefore, you don’t wake up sweating and don’t have to keep AC at low level in hot days. It’s really a plus to hot sleepers. If you’re hot natured, gel foam is always the first choice.

Firmness medium

When it comes to firmness, this Classic Brands 10.5 inch mattress is medium, not too soft or firm. I think that’s good result from what manufacturers listened to customers. If you did some research, you will find gel foam owners usually complained about the firmness and it was too firm. Some even reviewed hard as a rock. That being said, gel foam feels firmer than regular memory foam. But Classic Brands 10.5 inch gel foam mattress isn’t too firm or hard as a marble. It’s just right. When you lay down on the mattress, it quickly gives you response and is softening without waiting time. You don’t sink too much but just right to keep your spine aligned naturally.

Muting motion transfer

Light sleepers love this feature. The memory foam of this mattress absorbs all pressure and movements like sponge absorbing water. It eats all shock but doesn’t delivery to the other one. That’s why many people don’t notice their partner get in or out of bed and have an undisturbed sleep. The mattress doesn’t make noise or report movements to the other, which gives you a mute night.


Classic Brands warrants the 10.5-inch memory foam mattress for 20 years, 10 year full non-prorated and 10 year pro-rated warranty against defects in workmanship and materials. The only difference between full and non-prorated period is if there is any prorated charge for repair or replacement during the warranty period. Whenever you make a warranty claim, you should pay for shipping from or to the factory. Except that, they will charge you a handling fee for repair or replacement.

The warranty covers any visible indentation equal or greater than 1.5 inches. It states that heating pad or electric blanket should not be used on the mattress and it requires a stain resistant or water proof protector to keep it from staining.

Return policy

Classic Brands doesn’t have a free return policy on their website, so it’s only eligible for return policy of the vendor. If you buy through Amazon, it applies to Amazon 30 day free return.

Made in the USA but not 100%  Made in China

Classic Brands is a US brand, located in Jessup, Maryland. It was built over 40 years ago primarily manufacturing waterbeds. The company started producing memory foam mattress in 2002. Their mattresses are made in the USA. But one thing you need to know that they import materials all over the world for mattress manufacturing.

Classic Brands claimed their products were made in the USA and placed US national flag on the image of Classic Brands 10.5 inch gel mattress. But now they removed the flag and words “made in the USA” from the description. They confirm the mattress is manufactured in their factory in China.

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Classic Brands 10.5-Inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress Issues

Too firm 

Most complaints about this Classic mattress is it feels too firm and some owners describe it’s hard as the floor. If you find it is too firm, try to return it in the vendor’s free trial period. Besides that you can add a soft topper on it.

Lose firmness 

Being US made makes this 10.5-inch gel memory foam mattress meet US manufacturing standards. The durability and quality are much better than mattresses totally imported from China. But they still have much room to improve. Some owners report their mattresses lose firmness and support in several months. Recently they removed any statements about their mattresses made in US and confirmed they’re imported from China. That explained why losing firmness happened. Poor quality control is a common issue among China manufacturers and the direct result is firmness reduction.

Smell bad

Due to highly compressed packaging after manufacture, it retains much smell needed to off-gas. When you first unwrap the pack, the smell will be strong and very detectable. But usually after 48 hours, the new mattress smell will be gone.

No support edge

Like other memory foam mattress, all edges aren’t reinforced and lacking support. So if you like wearing socks and shoes sitting on the edges, you may sink and fall off.

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  1. Heather Suzan says:

    Can this be used on an adjustable frame in the hospital?

    • William says:

      Many people use their memory foam mattresses on adjustable frames and they work fairly well. But before you do the same thing, please check your mattress warranty to see if it’s allowed.

  2. Ruth Southern says:

    Does it indent after some use?

  3. Joey says:

    Is it certi-pur certified foam?

  4. Rebecca Hill says:

    Is it a good option for a side sleeper?

  5. Ronell says:

    Is this mattress good for stomach sleepers?

    • William says:

      Stomach sleepers could have a sound sleep on this bed but it would be great if Classic Brands make it firmer.

  6. Eddy says:

    Is it made of all foam? no spring or latex?

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