Misunderstandings About Sleep Among People Part 1

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Losing sleep during working days, making up at the weekends


Some people work very hard during working days. Some work overtime to the early in the morning and they have to get up for work at six or seven o’ clock. What do they do for want of sleep? Get a whole day or 20 hours sleep to make up for lost sleep at the weekends. On the other hands, some people heard different stories about how many hours a day a person should sleep and they can’t be sure about which to follow. Some heard that sufficient sleep could make complexion improve and they usually sleep too much.

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Experts tell that a person should keep a regular sleep. Generally, it’s better for adults to sleep 6 – 9 hours a day. For example, go to bed at 10 or 11 pm and get up at 6 or 7 pm. Such a regular sleep pattern can maintain stable and regular biological rhythms.

There is no consistency about how many hours sleep a person should have. That depends on your own conditions. How do I know whether 4 hours sleep is enough for me? Whether the sleep is sufficient based on whether you feel refreshed and energetic after sleep. That said, if you feel very good even after 3 hours sleep, that indicates you get a sufficient sleep. Actually, different ages of people have different sleep standards. Kids and young people at age 10 – 18 need about 8 hours for sleep; adults at age 18 – 50 need 7 hours; the aged from 50 – 70 need less sleep, 5 or 6 hours. Especially for old people, their sleep quality is lower than young people’s. That is a law of nature. As for sleep time one is supposed to have, it has no existing specific requirement and all depend on individual condition. The key part is to obey the order of your biological rhythms. Only if your sleep habits can maintain a rested and refreshed mental state, and don’t feel exhausted, that means you have sufficient sleep. Many great persons sleep very less but active and energetic. The reason why they still feel energetic is they have deep sleep. Deep sleep means sleep quality. Those people have a short sleep but the sleep quality is high.

Find your own sleep habits and follow your own biological rhythms. In such a condition, you cannot only ensure your sleep time and improve your efficiency. Get to know yourself better.

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