Perfect Cloud UltraPlush Gel-Max 10 Inch Memory Foam Mattress

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Perfect Cloud UltraPlush Gel-Max 10 InchIf you like soft mattress and buy Perfect Cloud UltraPlush Gel-Max 10 inch memory foam mattress because of “UltrPlush” in the title, you may fool away your money and get disappointed. It’s not that plush as advertised. You can go to first paragraph below to get more details about its firmness or softness. Some Perfect Cloud gel foam mattresses have different design from other brands like this one. They place cooling gel foam in the middle to serve as a buffer. Subjectively, I think it’s not a good design. Like some other Perfect Cloud mattresses, this one has a short queen size specifically for RV, which provides an economical option for RV owners. This 10-inch memory foam mattress has 1.5-inch top layer, 2-inch middle layer and 6.5-inch support base, so 3.5-inch sinking depth at best would be expected. Introduction paragraph can’t help you avoid a wrong decision so let’s learn more about it.

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Perfect Cloud UltraPlush Gel-Max 10 Inch Memory Foam Mattress Features

Firm and better suited for big persons

When it comes to firmness, it’s not simply ultraplush as advertised and hard to define. When you press your hand onto the mattress, it’s soft and plush. But you feel a little firmer when you are laying on it. Heavy persons over 200lbs like it more than lightweight ones because they get excellent support and sinking in 2-inch at most to get the whole body cradled. They tell it’s soft but supportive but many others complain it’s too firm. Therefore, when we talk about the firmness, I think firm would be accurate. And if you’re lightweight less than 200lbs, it’s not an ideal choice.

Different middle layer but no sleeping hot

At the time of this writing, no owner reports it’s too hot to fall asleep, even some living in warm California. But like all memory foam mattresses, it feels a little warmer than other types of mattress like coil spring, which is still within the acceptable range. Actually, I think the idea to put gel foam in the middle isn’t as effective as on the top to regulate overall sleep temperature. The first regular foam layer retains all body heat and only transfers some to second gel foam to dissipate. The purpose of Perfect Cloud placing it in second layer is to offer better contouring comfort and support.

Density and difference between Atlas and UltraPlush

Perfect Cloud is offering two 10-inch memory foam mattresses. UltraPlush 10-inch is using 3lbs dense memory foam on the top, which is within low density range; Atlas is using medium density 4lbs memory foam. UltraPlush and Atlas have different designs and targets. Atlas moves gel foam to the top layer to dissipate body heat it receives from you at best. UltraPlush has gel foam too but in second layer so it’s not as cool. If you’re sleeping hot, Atlas is the better choice.

Warranty and cover

I don’t find Perfect Cloud offers free trial when doing this review but the company gives 25 years limited warranty to all orders. The warranty covers defects in workmanship and materials within 25 years including 1.5 inches or deeper compression in an area. As for cover, it’s removable and washable but you should be more careful as it may void the warranty. They have requirements for washing cover. It’s better to get a protective cover or sheet. The one coming with the mattress isn’t waterproof and it’s necessary to buy one separately to protect it especially when you have kids.

Original warranty statements about coverage:

“For warranty purposes, “defective” is defined as: 1) a mattress core exhibiting separation of the laminated components; or 2) an area of compression in excess of 1.5” when compared with the edge height when the mattress is placed on a solid, flat surface; or 3) cover failure associated with defective materials or workmanship.”

Washing cover requirements

“Covers must be cleaned/disinfected using proper dilutions of a standard commercial hospital-type disinfectant only. The use of non-standard dilutions will invalidate the warranty. Covers may be laundered only according to the instructions provided. Some covers must be spot cleaned only. Damage resulting from high temperature laundry and/or drying invalidates warranty.

High concentrations of chlorine bleach and/or chlorinated disinfectants will degrade textile surface. Damage associated with the accumulated build up of chlorine ions will invalidate the warranty. When chlorine based cleaning products are used, they must be thoroughly rinsed with clear water after the required wet contact period.”

Flat surface support

Not only this Perfect Cloud mattress, all memory foam mattresses need flat firm support and the box spring isn’t recommended always. Box spring can’t provide firm support the mattress and sleeper need, but make you especially overweight sleepers sink much. If you insist using box spring, add a piece of flat plywood between box spring and the mattress to help distribute all pressure evenly. Some people put the mattress directly on the floor. It’s not recommended either because it may invalidate the warranty. If you’re using bed slats, make sure they’re less than 5 inches apart.

Perfect Cloud UltraPlush Gel-Max 10 Inch Memory Foam Mattress Downsides

Light people complained

The only complaint the mattress receives is it’s too firm. And all these negative reports are given by lightweight persons who weigh less than 200lbs. It gives their shoulders, hips and back pains. This is a mattress named UltraPlush but too firm to make some owners wake up in pain. I hope Perfect Cloud responses to owner negative feedback.

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Perfect Cloud UltraPlush Gel-Max 10 Inch isn’t an economical and comfortable mattress for heavy people. It’s only 30% the cost of name brand but not sleeping hot. It cradles sleeper properly and provides enough support for every inch of the whole body. The mattress helps remove back aches and improve sleep. However, it doesn’t accommodate all sleepers from 40 to 400 pounds as ads state, more than 200lbs accurately. Hope Perfect Cloud improves it in the future to make it perfect because that’s the only downside. Before that, it’s only a great mattress for heavy persons.

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  1. badidea says:

    Would it still be comfortable if the mattress is just placed on the floor?

  2. Patrick T. says:

    Is this mattress very firm? 10″ for two adults, 140 lbs and 180 lbs? Thank you

  3. Brenna says:

    Do I need a mattress pad over it?

  4. Samantha says:

    Can I use it on an old mattress?

  5. Katelyn says:

    You mean this isn’t a firm mattress. Does that mean it doesn’t last as long as firm mattresses?

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