DynastyMattress 15.5-Inch Grand AtlantisBreeze Review

DynastyMattress 15.5-Inch Grand AtlantisBreeze Review, 3.6 out of 5 based on 30 ratings
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Rating: 3.6/5 (30 votes cast)

Grand AtlantisBreeze15.5-Inch Grand AtlantisBreeze is the newest thick cool gel memory foam mattress from DynastyMattress. It’s also an upgraded version of 15-inch Luxury Grand. As a bed from DynastyMattress, AtlantisBreeze inherits the tradition of the whole family, which is each mattress features high density foam and excellent workmanship. This new bed is utilizing gel memory foam and three gel foam layers are 5.5 inches. Such thick gel foam combination helps offer people a cool night sleep in hot days and prevent hot sleepers from getting sweat. When it comes to DynastyMattress, the super long 120 days trial is a have-to-be talked feature. It makes customers buy their mattress online without worries behind.

Features of DynastyMattress 15.5-Inch Grand AtlantisBreeze

Grand AtlantisBreeze VS Luxury Grand

The top: AtlantisBreeze is advertised as the top gel mattress online and has 5.5 inches gel foam which couldn’t be found on other beds; Luxury is a traditional thick bed only has a 2 inches euro-top and 2 inches comfort foam.

The middle: AtlantisBreeze doesn’t use any special foam but 2-inch HD memory foam plus 2-inch airflow foam; Luxury puts 4-inch foam base and dual 2-inch air flow in the center.

The base: AtlantisBreeze base is 6 inches, while Luxury Grand is only 3.5 inches.

Comfort scale: AtlantisBreeze is medium to firm; Luxury is medium to soft.

Firmness grade: 7-8 (1 – 10 from softest to firmest)

Although both AtlantisBreeze and Luxury Grand are knockoff of Tempur-Pedic Grandbed, two mattresses have different comfort scale and AtlantisBreeze is a bit on the firm side.

It’s rated medium to soft on DynastyMattress official site but defined to medium to firm on Amazon product page. Generally, thicker mattress is softer and this 15.5-inch mattress is supposed to be medium to soft. Actually, customers report medium to firm is more accurate.

It’s firm support not hard. But for different people, they may have different feeling. It’s the reason why some owners said it was too firm but some other felt just right. For people who get used to soft bed, they may not get sinking feeling; however, for people who slept a firm bed for years, they feel the bed wrap around their body and very supportive. If you are going to buy DynastyMattress AtlantisBreeze, make sure you want a firm bed.

Well suited for all sleep positions

Dynasty Mattress doesn’t adopt simple two or three layers design like many other brands do. They separate the mattress into six layers, a 6-inch HD base foam layer and five different foam layers on top and center. The biggest advantage of the design is they can use foams of different firmnesses to give support and comfort sleepers of different positions. That means no matter you sleep on your side, back, stomach, or combined positions, you could get the right support you need. The five foam layers allow you to sink in perfect depth when you lie on the mattress. It helps avoid the issue often found in dual layer design that is sleepers tend to feel hard or too soft because of lack of firmness diversity.

About quality

As the manufacturer advertised, AtlantisBreeze is compared to Tempur-Pedic. The construction and overall quality is as good as the name brand. But the price is much much lower. So some owners considered it as poor man’s Tempur-Pedic. The big boy on their official site is offering 90 days in home trial, while Dynasty gives a 30 days longer trial. That gives it a plus.

Hot sleepers care most

Hot sleepers always worry about the hot issue when they buy a memory foam mattress. AtlantisBreeze is using three different gel foam including 5lb 1.5 inches, 4lb 2 inches and 3lb 2 inches. That seems to solve the heat retention but really works? Most owners reported that they didn’t notice a obvious temperature rise on the bed. But few still mentioned the problem. One customer reported he was woken up by temperature rise under his body in the hottest days. Although he stated it was still in a bearable level, it’s necessary for hot sleepers to have a pad between body and mattress.

Less toss and turn

Several owners mentioned that they found their husband or wife didn’t toss and turn too much at night. Both had a deep sleep with much less disturbance since they changed mattress. The improvement of sleep quality is attributed to which the bed is using high density foam. Generally speaking, higher the density is offering best-suited cradling comfort and needed support for lumbar area to align your spine naturally and reduce toss and turn at night.

Not proudly made in China 

You should know that this is a China made mattress, it’s not mentioned anywhere in product details though. A few websites give wrong information and tell it’s made in the US. They don’t know what they say. We know it may be a deal breaker for some buyers as many China made products don’t compare with US made in quality or reliability. If you’re a loyal customer to products made in USA, check out Sleep Innovations. Actually, we think the quality of the mattress is fair enough because it got a CertiPur-US certification and that means it meets US strict standards for memory foam.

Average warranty and not customer-friendly free trial policy 

Some customers complained about the useless warranty, limited coverage, strict requirements and high cost. Actually, most memory foam mattress manufacturers are offering the similar warranty with a little difference. We can confirm all low priced brands have the same warranty like DynastyMattress. It will cover defects in materials and more than 1.5-inch visible sag with proper foundation. It won’t cover normal increase in softness. And of course you have to afford shipping to and from the manufacturer. After investigate and research all low-priced mattress companies, we find it’s a common and average warranty.

What you need to be aware of is the 120 day free trial money back guarantee. DynastyMattress is offering 120 day free trial which is longer than many brands. You can return the mattress within 120 days and get your money back. Unlike some other brands, DynastyMattress requires customers afford shipping cost for mattress return. It may sound reasonable. But you will be surprised when you find it’s impossible to ship back such a big 15.5 inches mattress because those mattresses come in vacuum packed for easy shipping but can’t be folded or vacuum repacked. More importantly, shipping back may cost more than you pay for the mattress. It’s bad to know DynastyMattress lets us customers bear risk.

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Issues of DynastyMattress 15.5-Inch Grand AtlantisBreeze

Smell bad

An owner reported he could detect the smell and it was too bad. Considering such a thick mattress compressed into a small box, the smell emission is acceptable. Just follow the instructions and let it air out 72 hours. The smell will be gone.

Too firm

This is a firm mattress and it’s not surprised to see some people complain it’s too firm. People around 200 lbs barely sink in the mattress although it helps remove back pain. If you like soft mattress, you should look further.

Lose support

A few owners report their mattress sags and forms body impression over the time. The mattress refuses to rebound to its original shape. It fails to provide good support for sleepers. The issue shouldn’t rise in 2 years at least. Fortunately, not many owners have the problem but that should raise DynastyMattress’s attention to focus more on quality and reliability.

Too high

The 15.5 inches mattress is too high for some people and they have to jump onto the bed.

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22 Responses to “DynastyMattress 15.5-Inch Grand AtlantisBreeze Review”

  1. Marquita says:

    Hi, I don’t buy this mattress but come here for some advice. I can feel noticeable temperature rise on my memory foam bed. I’d like to buy a topper to remain cool but don’t know what type to buy.

    • admin says:

      Hi Marquita, I always recommend hot sleepers using wool topper and it does work. But you need know an extra layer may affect comfort you receive.

  2. Alice says:

    Does this mattress offer multiple firmness options?

  3. Edwina Beckett says:

    How does this mattress hold up to three dogs because they’re always sleeping with me?

  4. Josephine Longshore says:

    What type of base does this mattress require?

  5. Stephanie Buckman says:

    I have a question unrelated with this mattress. I’m going to buy innerspring so could you tell me if the more coils the better?

    • admin says:

      No, coil number is just one factor determining mattress quality and comfort. I always recommend to buy a firm innerspring and add a comfortable top layer.

  6. Christy N. says:

    Is a box spring recommended for this mattress?

  7. Mr. Bigger says:

    If the corners and edges dont expand to 15.5 inches, is it defective?

  8. Dwayne Carte says:

    How is this for side sleepers?

  9. Christopher says:

    Who needs such 15.5 inch mattress?

  10. Helen Cultee says:

    How firm is this mattress compared to a pillowtop boxspring?

  11. Ashley C says:

    How often do I need to rotate or flip such a big mattress?

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